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  • You MUST read the MOS Rules before making your first post otherwise you may get permanent warning points or a permanent Ban.
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Jul 7, 2021
Here's some rules you should know before you get started. Please read them carefully.
1. No spam (Pointless messages a.k.a. Jibberish, repeated messages or multiple threads that all say the same thing)
2. No harrassing/trolling other members of the community.
3. No racism, sexism, discrimination of any kind (Includes homophobic commentary)
4. No advertising (includes rival sites, promoting another site whether if it is yours or not; also any harmful/suspicious links will be removed!)
5. Respect all users, moderators, and staff. This also means when creating topics, or participating in a topic - keep insensitive/inappropriate topics out of the thread.
6. No sex talk or nudity (This means no porn/hentai too! And absolutely no r*pe!)
7. No excessive caps - some is ok, usually for emphasis - but too much is annoying and seen as yelling.
8. No inappropriate usernames.
9. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY!!! (Reason being - you are on an english site with english videos, and most importantly staff/moderators must be able to read you, so that we may be able to be sure you are not breaking the rules. Feel free to private message each other in other languages however.)

Rules are subject to change over time as necessary.
If you are unsure of what it means, feel free to contact an admin or moderator.
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